Local Property Financing

Great News!

Fast and efficient financing is available through our trusted financial institution.


  • Same Day Pre-approval!
  • Low down payments and more time to repay
  • Up to 95% financing with mortgage indemnity insurance.
  • Attractive repayment terms give you up to 35 years to repay
  • Whether you want to make a low down payment or you want to take up to 35 years to pay back the loan

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When you submit the form, Our banking representatives will contact you soon to setup a meeting.

When applying for your mortgage, it will certainly save time if you have the following documents available (where applicable):

For Pre-approval to see how much you will qualify for (Same Day as Appointment):

  • National Identity Card or passport for identification
  • Telephone, water, or electricity bill to confirm your residential address
  • A letter from your employer and your most recent salary slip (Financial Documents if Self employed)
  • Copies of recent bank statements or a bank reference from your banker (if you are a new customer)
  • An accurate idea of all of your personal expenses monthly

To go forward on a specific property, additionally you will need:

  • An agreement for sale: if you are buying a property, this would be a letter from the person selling the property
  • A construction estimate if you plan to build, as well as approved construction plans. The estimate should show a breakdown of the stages of the construction, and the costs
  • An appraisal of the property: you will need to provide this whether you are buying or building a home


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