Banking in Barbados – International Wire Transfers & Refunds

Sending International wires from Barbados are not as simple as some other countries.

In Barbados, there are foreign currency controls and transfers subject to fees, which have to be approved by the Central bank first, or the funds will be returned or rejected.

If for any reason, such as your rental does not go ahead then we may need to send you a refund.

This usually takes up 7-10 business days, as the transfer needs Central Bank approval first, which requires the following:

  • Clients full name and address (in home country)
  • Proof of any relevant, corresponding funds arriving into our account
  • Amount to be sent/returned*
  • A declaration form from us.

*There is a 2% FX (Foreign Exhange) fee and $75BDS international wire fee, to be paid by the recipient. Funds are returned in the same currency as which they arrived and to the same account only.

Sometimes it can take a little but longer (up to two weeks) but most go through within ten days.

Drop us a line if you have any questions about refunds or transfers in Barbados.

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